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Originally Posted by chris-red View Post

computer chips (Intergrated Circuits)

use a flat blade screwdriver to gently pry them up a bit from the sockets and push them back in again,cia's paula etc.

EDIT:i still have that floppy drive if you want it,i havent got round to testing it yet though.

and i dont know witch amiga it came out of either.

does anyone know wiether a teac fd-235f's ejector button can be replaced by one from an a 500?

EDIT2: the side slot is for harddrives,cd-roms(a590 and a570),memory and processor addons(gvp sidecars etc)

the one that goes underneath with the pins is a memory slot,theres also a few addons for the 68k cpu as well, these are really nice.

EDIT3:can you pop the lid off the floppy drive and take a pic,just the top cover.

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