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Originally Posted by Rotzloeffel View Post
If you canĀ“t see your root or swap parition in the eraly startup-menu you have to install the Barkeley-Filesystem into the RDB of your root AND swap parition! You can download it from the Aminet:

extract bffs1.5beta/l/BFFSFilesystem to L: open hdtoolbox and add new filesystem on root and swap choosing L:BFFSFilesystem

if you did so, you can see both parititions in your early Startup-menu!!
I don't know what exactly does adding BFFSFilesystem to RDB do, but it shouldn't be needed. If someone followed the INSTALL instruction and it didn't work for some reason (no partitions shown in early startup), then bug should be filed (perhaps with assistance from port-amiga at list).

this is allways needed if you try to install NetBSD on other platform than A3000 or A4000!
It shouldn't be needed on any Amiga. I've installed it countless times on A600, A1200, A3000 and A4000 and never needed it. It always just worked after specifying correct RDB values in HDToolBox.

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