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Originally Posted by ahhyes View Post
I used the same arguments to xstreamtodev as you quoted

I'm wondering whether the type of disk drive I am using could be an issue? It's not a real IDE drive:

Though the Amiga HD Tools had no trouble seeing it..

I'll try the stuff you suggested tomorrow I have the unit at work
Hi! You should boot from the early-startup Menu! If you canĀ“t see your root or swap parition in the eraly startup-menu you have to install the Barkeley-Filesystem into the RDB of your root AND swap parition! You can download it from the Aminet:

extract bffs1.5beta/l/BFFSFilesystem to L: open hdtoolbox and add new filesystem on root and swap choosing L:BFFSFilesystem

if you did so, you can see both parititions in your early Startup-menu!!

this is allways needed if you try to install NetBSD on other platform than A3000 or A4000!

if you copy the miniroot fs to your swap paritition, a small output in % is given to you with indicates the usage of the Diskspace! if you have a 100 MB Swap for example and the miniroot.fs is 3 MB you should see 3% then it is OK!

If you have any further questions conatact me!
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