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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Technical or non-technical reason?
Gibs do not want to back to EAB forum and did not answer me at e-mail. But from my experience when I tried to launch TinyLauncher from HDD mounted as directory or under ClassicWB even when booting without Startup-Sequence I always got "Out of memory" error message and error code 20. Even setting memory amount to many, many MB (sometimes even 8 MB Fast and many Z3 Fast) I got the same error. The same memory amount with only hdf with following Startup-Sequence file launch TInyLauncher without any problem. I do not know why. And that fact is program must be started from hdf I figured it because when = as far as I remember - I launched TinyLauncher under my real Amiga 1200 with only 4 MB Elbox's extension even under launched ClassicWB Lite I haven't any problems. Anyway, the best way in my opinion to launch TinyLauncher udner WinUAE is prepare hdf with following Startup-Sequence (placing needed WHDLoad and other non standard commands in C, WHDLoad.key in L (if we have it), kickstarts in DEVS:Kicstarts, following files in LIBS: Commodities.library, Icon.library, IffParse.library, NewIcon.library and ofcourse WHDLoad.prefs if we want it. Now mount other disk(s) with games/demos as greater than DH0: devices. Missing commands like NoBorder we can find at Aminet. That is - in my opinion - really simple. Just basic Amiga knowledge. And ability to use some Windows filemanager and WinUAE with for example Classic WB to prepare some subidrectory with hdf content and Classic WB to copy data from these files to formated under ClassicWB hdf. About 8 MB free space on hdf should be enought for future files like TinyLauncher's config fils. But if you Tony know tested way to launch latest TinyLauncher under WinUAE and ClassicWB Lite without hdf and witout "Out of memory" error - please let us know
Assign >NIL: T: RAM:
Assign >NIL: ENV: RAM:

Assign ENV: Ram:
Assign T: Ram:
Echo ""

  Execute S:TL_Startup

Run <>NIL: C:NewIcons

Set >NIL: Reply `DH0:TINYLAUNCHER/TinyLauncher.exe`
IF $Reply not eq "5"

S:TL_Startup contain following (change paths to yours). These assings are used in *.tl files. Because TinyLauncher do not swith to game subdir when executing script, so required cd command with full path must be added.
assign >NIL: TLGAGA: DH1:AGA
assign >NIL: TLGECS: DH1:!ECS
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