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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
It's not a bad choice at all tbh mate.
Solutions like kipper2k's for up to 8MB RAM exist already for the A500.
IDE drives can be mounted with CF2IDE adapter that you can easily find from the forums.

I don't think that many will get an ACA500 just for the 2MB of RAM but basically for the accelerator connector which is a really neat feature if you ask me.

Ofc getting something ready to run on A500 would be ideal (like a beefed ACA530@50MHz and embedded IDE+Clockport), but it's better investment to have boards that run in 2 machines like A500 and A1200. ACA500 is imho just a beefed accelerator adapter
I've already got 8mb ram and ide68k (as do many others) and if I'm going to buy an accelerator to replace those its going to need to be more than just a glorified a1200 adapter. If I wanted to buy a 1200 accelerator, I'd just save up and buy a real 1200 first.
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