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Originally Posted by chris-red View Post
... And found my old Amiga! it is an A500+. I pulled it down and went through the box and the rush of memories coming back was overwhelming!
I inserted a disc into the disc and it started making noise and the drive light came on, the screen went solid purple and looked to be loading a game however then it simply went back to the disc loading screen. I tried another disc and another until, I had probably gone through 20 of them with no joy the same result each time.
Congratulations with your find. :-)

As other people pointed out, your A500+ has a battery which has likely leaked. In the A500, this battery was located on the ram expansion which would spare the motherboard for a while if it would leak. From your explanation it sounds like your FDD interface or drive might be the problem. It detects a disk being inserted but cannot read it properly.
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