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Originally Posted by chris-red View Post
Eh!? People are still developing for these!?
Since there is a lot of people like you and me there is a market. Where there is a market, there is room for people to cater that market.

you have two forthcoming expansions for the 500 and 500+

First is aca500: (from the website)

Our new accelerator for the Amiga 500 has already been discussed in user forums, but will be released with some changes, so customer demand is met in both price and features. The ACA500 is powered by a 14MHz CMOS-68000 processor with 2MBytes RAM and a mass-storage controller for CF-cards and CD drives. Autoboot from CF-card is possible from Kickstart V1.3 and higher. Thanks to our TrueIDE technology, any CF card can be used, even if the card identifies as "removable device". A CD-ROM drive can be connected to the easily reachable IDE port on the side of the A500.
The relatively moderate increase in speed is enough to run WHDload. For those who want more CPU power, the ACA500 has a CPU-slot compatible with our accelerators for A1200 computers. This makes even our top model ACA1231 available to the A500 computer. The ACA500 will be available from all resellers for 79,90 EUR. We're currently negotiating about including Kickstart licenses into the ACA500, so the built-in flashrom can be pre-loaded with different Kickstart licenses.

(in other words, slightly faster and can use IDE disks / CF solutions which you can transfer between the main computer (running winuae) and the real amiga.

For whdload: (Wikipedia)

WHDLoad is a program for Amiga which has been created to easily install programs to a hard disk (such as demos or games), allowing for better compatibility of Amiga programs, which can sometimes be difficult to run or emulate otherwise due to the widely varying hardware setups of Amigas across its history. Its use basically circumvents the Operating System of the Amiga for greater compatibility and preserves the original program as a non-degradable archive (unlike magnetic media).
WHDLoad allows the installed floppy disk image to autostart simply clicking on an icon related to it.

the second is the zeus68k:
"One board to rule them all..."

68SEC000 CPU running at 7 or 50 MHz
1 x BootMenu (Config)
6 x Kickstart ROM Switcher
IDE Controller (Gayle Logic A600)
Clock Port
Realtime Clock
Freezer Button (just upload your freezer ROM, e.g. Action Replay, and you are done)

Six devices in one: Accelerator, RAM, IDE Controller, Kic

Also let you use WHDLOAD

Only WHDLOAD is currently available, aca500 will probably be shortly and zeus68k in due time.

I got three a500 and one a500+ so i'll be exploring both.
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