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I noticed this thread today noon.
I am so happy even I have only CD32 console and Analogic FDD( the most inexpensive expansion unit).

**A1200 Games**
The titles which require hard disk or fast ram are very few.
Can anyone say what percentage of these games in all a1200/4000 games( including Amiga CD titles)?

**A1000/500 Games**
Thanks for many persons who create slaves, almost games can work at CD32 ram.
In this era, these games are only one disk. so we will not afraid chip ram (about1.8MB) problem.
Some games have another problem, "kick.a500" image to load game with whdload.
But some games of them could boot with using relokick1.3 disk.
Anyone can say what percentage that games couldn't work even use both relokick and whdload?

**Aminet free games**
If we create c drawer and libs drawer and copy several files from other coverdisk,
and assign c: and libs: ,many games could load.
I confirmed.
(Incidentally I will introduce free xmas-theme games of 1992-2010 to other Japanese.
I am writing MANUAL to load these games as Japanese language.)

For these reason, I don't think such as "Nothing in the future for the CD32" at all.
I think at least more than 90 percent games(of All Amiga!!) works on CD32.
We will be able to enjoy with this console!!

Thanks for reading.
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