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Hello from Glasgow, Scotland!

Hey folks!

Wow, I just have to say that I'm incredibly impressed that the Amiga community is still going strong in 2012! My first Amiga was the 1200 that I got as a christmas present as a kid in 1992. It was actually bought by a family member for their use at launch, but they hated it and couldn't figure out how it worked, so I got slapped with it since I already had an Atari ST520e and "knew about all that computer crap". Yeah, I lucked out.

A wee bit about me and my Amiga. Well, I'm a unix software engineer (and washed up game developer) by trade which in very large part was due to the influence of the ST and the A1200. I'm coming up for 26 and sadly my original Amiga is dead. But I'm trying to keep things alive a little. When the raspberry pi was announced and I saw the specs, I knew that it would have been fairly decent to use as an emulation platform for all my old machines such as the ST, A1200 and NES. Emulating the A1200 seems to work alright thus far, but there will no doubt be performance problems along the way, but that shouldn't be too hard to profile and sort out if need be, but already fighting through the bugs with PUAE on OSX to get that sorted out for the 64bit architecture but to be honest, not my highest priority right now.

Even though my original Amiga is dead (and I'm working on restoring my ST after it died on its arse in 2000) I do still have all my floppy disks, a good 3 cases of them with a smattering of some more in storage. The ones I checked all still work which I'm relieved about!

Since you guys have an irc server (and thats pretty much where I've spent most of my life) I'll see you guys there!
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