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Thumbs up This was like Sophie’s Choice but here’s my final decision*

1) Turrican II, (I liked the first too)
2) Shadow of the Beast 2
3) Heimidall 2 (I loved the others too)
4) Speedball series (2 my favourite but I liked the first one too)
5) James Pond series (first one is my fav, bit like Bubble Bobble which is really an 8 bit game so I haven’t put it on the list)
6) The Adventures of Robin Hood (just great fun to play, written with a great sense of humour)
7) The Killing Game Show (I can still hear the music)
8) Hunter (early runner for GTA 3, freedom to go and do what you like)
9) New Zealand Story (My first game to play on my Amiga, so many happy memories)
10) Menace

Sooooo many close runners I’ve mentioned them below as they may inspire others

=11) Supercars 2, Sensible Soccer (Free demo where the ball was an grenade was the best version) Bubble Bobble series (Bubble Bobble is better than RI as it's 2 player), Xenon 2, Moonstone (with the gore on!!), Wings of Fury, Elf, Prince of Persia, Lemmings, AlienBreed Series, Lotus series (fav is 1 as it was the forerunner, but 2 was actually better). Robocop 3 Rick Dangerous 2, Nitro (3 players!!). Wings, Flash Back, Cannon Fodder, Batman the Movie (mainly for the driving game), Pinball Fantasies etc, SWIV, Dyna Blaster (5 Player mode!!!), Escape from Colditz, Bar Games, Project X, Z out, Kick off 2, Gods, Monkey Island series (2 my favourite but I liked the others), John McLean's Pool, Mega Lo Mania, IK+, First Samurai, Stunt Car racer, California Games, The Chaos Engine

This is my top ten games if I was playing individually (selfish list), may be we should have a vote for the best 2 + player games too?


The Simpsons; Bart vs the space mutants, I tried so hard to like that game!!

Keep up the good nostalgia guys …………..

*By final I mean I’ll change my mind 2 seconds after posting it
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