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I wonder why anyone cares about this whole FTP thing? (SERIOUS wondering, so if you can provide an answer, please do so)

There is a line in Kubrick's 'A Clockwork Orange'- "If you need a motor-car, you pluck it from the trees. If you need pretty polly, you take it". Is this EAB so limited as to seek another source of 'needed' games? If you truly need it, can't you ask for it here and receive it? Must the gratification be so fast that it be instant?

At risk of finding my "name" on Godflesh's front page, I really don't understand why these FTPs exist in the first place. Are disk images so hard to come by that people must flock to an impersonal FTP?

As a past contributor to Godflesh's FTP, I don't believe he needs my or anyone elses contributions or logtime. Let the ignorant flock to Godflesh's FTPs, and let the enlightened gather here.

I hope I didn't betray RCK's trust in not starting a 'war', as that is not of interest to me. I sincerely believe that if someone (whether it is RCK or GodFlesh) provides a community, that outweighs ADFs and FTPs.

/me shrugs, sighs, and stoicly waits for a reply
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