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Our prices are Insane!
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AmigaKit WTF?...

I also posted this on AmiBay, but hopefully by posting it here also will bring the Quality back to AmigaKit.
Sorry, I am not normally one to gripe, especially in a public forum.
I love AmigaKit and the quality Usually is top notch, but...
Look, I understand with moving and Amiwest and such, they are busy, but this is so unexceptable, I am surprised it made it past quality control.

I just got in my second batch of the new "Battery-Hacks". The first batch was fine, although I thought the legs were a bit to thin.
This second batch I got in is just hot glued together- HOT Glued on a solder part? the actually battery holder is very high of the little board. Someone couldn't be bothered to actually push the 2 parts together?
It looks like they hired a 5 year old to slap these together
Come on guys, this is just terrible for you. I know you are only charging a few dollars, but the quality is way out the door here, defiantly not your best work by far. I just wish I had taken pictures of the first batch to show everyone the difference in quality and construction. The first batch even said amigaKit on them, this batch does not- I would not want my name on these either.
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