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Aye, that's true demolition mate.

Apparently the logic in which Jens and his team worked on the new version (to avoid the issues with accelerators NOT being recognized on some revisions) was that:
- If someone runs ACATune, apparently runs it because owns an ACA6x0 or ACA12xx
- If Chipset is AGA then ACATune returns that the board is an ACA1230@28MHz (even if an ACA12xx isn't physically installed)
- If Chipset is ECS then ACATune returns that the board is an ACA630@25MHz (even if an ACA6x0 isn't physically installed)

Ofc if you have correctly installed an ACA accelerator and you don't have a problematic revision or case, then your accelerator will be recognized just fine in it's correct clockage.
If not... then it will get recognized with the generic identification that I wrote few lines back.

I kinda dislike the logic imho, but I guess it's really difficult to debug and troubleshoot EVERY single revision and incident that some mobos have :S

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