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Originally Posted by spud View Post
Good site idea, it is difficult to know where to find new releases. Also as a developer myself I wonder if I should announce to more than one forum at once. Weighing up getting the most exposure by announcing on every forum under the sun against the risk of pissing everyone off with the same information duplicated everywhere is a tricky one.
This is exactly the problem I was finding when searching for information on new Amiga games. Someone would plug their game here, someone else would plug it on AmiBay, another on one of the Amiga news feeds, someone else would simply upload it straight to Aminet.

I'd recommend posting information about it to as many Amiga sites as possible.

Back to the blog for a second, and I've been amazed at the number of hits it's had already. It's been up for 2 days, and at the time of typing it's been visited 134 times.

I'm hoping I may be on to something here, and this has pushed me to ensure that the blog continues to be updated on a regular basis.
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