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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Really impresive. And where do you have the miggys
My 2 miggies (A600 and A4000) are in a desk on the right side of the console/storage furniture along with an Amstrad 6128. Will probably make another article about it at a point

Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Looking nice mfilos!!!
But at some point you should DEFINITELY go for a bigger TV. From 40" up makes all the difference ;D
I know mate. Sadly there wasn't enough room for a TV bigger than 27" for the playroom. I have an 42" on the living room instead.

Cheers Steve my friend. I had to make this furniture once I moved house cause I had no storage to stack my spare miggies and cables/components and stuff.
I took advantage of the opportunity to design something from scratch without taking a huge space as well (as I might move house at some point in the future) being able to break in 3 parts as well.
It's the best I came up with and it serves me rather well gathering all my consoles for gaming sessions with friends or alone
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