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Originally Posted by melbourneben! View Post
Jens, will the aca 1220 have any compatibility issues with the later A1200 revisions due to chipset timing? or do the timing issues only become evident on cards with faster cpu's?
It will most probably not work even with the slowest ACA1220. The way that the slower CPU cards access the A1200 is exactly the same as the faster CPU cards, so I'd expect that timing fixes are still required. I did a tiny change in the timing, which improved a lot on my test-machines, but I don't have all-positive feedback from external testers.

The ACA1220/ACA1232 is in mass-production now, and I have the first few units here. They will be shown tomorrow by Alinea at Amiga-Meeting Nord in Bad Bramstedt, Germany (if DHL express doesn't mess it up again), and I have just eMailed Matthew from AmigaKit (who is currently at Amiwest) that he's free to take orders, because I can ship "right now".

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