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Personally, I think Lemmings should be included in the poll. The lemmings fall, make a frank "I am dead" last gasp for life(Sounds like 'guh'), and gore splatters... albiet briefly.

Hit the nuke button and they all grasp their green-pated heads like someone punched in the Omega code and they explode like a gay pride bumper sticker as to make Bruce Vilanche happy (Or Liberace happy, to throw Fred a nod)

They hit a deadly obstacle and thgeir little lemming guts spray like they were being shot from a perfume atomizer. Lava? Don't get me started on the lava. The only thing missing is a lemming skeleton floating to the top of the magma.

Prince of Persia is another unglorified gory game. In fact, I used to play it just to see the many faces of death for the prince. Stabbed to death, liquified from a fall, impaled on spikes or crushed from above, Jordan Mechner knows all the good ways to die (except for the ways illustrated in the critically overrated Last Express.)

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