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Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
Right folks for this week I need a new Humble Pie mp3! for the front page, so if you've created a music mod or a piece of game music submit it here.

Say about 1 - 3 mins, in mp3 format. Nothing rude.

Posted on UltimateAmiga, EAB and AmiBay. earliest submission in between these sites (only one), gets used.

I won't be archiving the Humble Pie mp3's, they'll be replaced each week, that is unless the community wants them archived.

The mp3 will be updated late Sunday night.

[Edit] So that the this site doesn't get overloaded with mp3's please submit your mp3 on the UltimateAmiga thread -> Here or provide a link to it.

Must be your own work.

Cheers, and we're only getting started.
Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
The author would get credited on the front page with a link to their web page. Also if the author permits it the mp3's could be archived with the credit and web link.

Idea noted.
With good music I would use more your web
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