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The screen auto-detects right when it's fired on, with the indivision text in the top left corner as a yardstick. And then i can jump through the menus and trigger it at any time. But as soon as it detects a screen mode change, it auto-detects again. I haven't tried anything special to help it with the autodetect, but i did go from one end to the other on the pixel-clock manually, step by step, with pretty much the only result being that i scrolled the vertical bars slightly from side to side. It looked nifty, but that was pretty much it. The auto-detect feature seams to have found a sweetspot where the verticals are less pronounced, but they aren't discreet, it's not likely you'll miss that they are there while in the workbench.

Hit a game, like settlers, and you'll forget about it.
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