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Suggestion: Web Site/Blog For New Amiga Games

Evening all,

Those of you into your 8-bit machines will probably be aware of how vibrant the new games scene is there. It seems that not a week goes by without (for example) a new Spectrum or C64 game being released.

Things on the Amiga games scene do seem to be a lot slower, but that said, new games are still cropping up. You only have to look on here, other Amiga forums or the Aminet to see that.

The problem I'm finding is that there's no one central place where the arrival of these games is highlighted/announced. It may be here, the Aminet or another forum.

Wouldn't it be great if news of new game titles was in one place?

I'm only kicking an idea about, but how easy would it to set up some sort of site or wiki where a number of people could separately log in and submit new game news articles?

Perhaps, on the other hand, I'm making too much work for myself, and we could do something just as effective by having a new "New Games" folder set up here, where posts only relating to either the announcement or reviews of new games could go.

I just feel that the Amiga is receiving a steady trickle of new games, but I'm missing them (and I'm sure others are too), because I've not seen the announcement.

I'll stop waffling now, but would be interested to hear what others think.
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