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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
First of all, avail shows 9MB (4+4+1) of fast memory even after a cold boot before running -maxmem, when it should show 5MB.
This is where I'd say "don't continue any further until you have exactly 5MB on a cold start". It's either you have some software that adds memory where it should not (and naturally this will crash and fail in a memory test), or you have a PCMCIA card installed that adds memory, which is not recommended.

Please dig through your startup-sequence. Could it be that you've had a memory expansion before you bought the ACA620? Could it be that you have some leftovers in your startup-sequence, user-startup or WBstartup?

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
When I ran acatune -maxmem after rebooting the 40.063 KS in maprom, I lost all chipmem as avail then showed 0MB chip and 11MB Fast. Could this be some incompatibility with the 40.063 KS? Could someone with a 40.063 hardware ROM confirm this?
ACAtune does not touch Chipmem. Again, there's something going severely wrong in your Amiga.

Your explanation of "board is tilted no matter how hard you push" is also weird, as it will only "click" in place when it's properly aligned. If you push on it when it's not properly aligned, you have damaged your socket. If you can, please take a closeup photo of your setup, so the "tilting" gets visible. Yes, you do need a lot of force to push it all the way down. However, it's humanly possible to apply that force with your thumbs. Even my girlfriend can do it ;-)

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