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Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
.25v isnt really a big deal, much more likely that the socket over the 68k isnt engaged as well as it needs to be and is causing the errors you are seeing - I'd remove it and then really push it down solidly.

PS, That said it wouldnt hurt to try a different PSU (even the stock 25w should be ok without an external drive attached).
I have one of the heavy 25W around, will try that one tonight and see if it improves anything.

It doesn't feel like it is solidly connected to the CPU, and no matter how hard I push there is always a small gap between the socket and the motherboard. The socket will also tilt a bit if I push down at a corner.
Also, I weren't able to get a picture before I had cleaned CPU pins with ethanol. Maybe I should clean it again just to be sure the connections are good.
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