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Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
That's why I mentioned that at least 540 installs worked 'out of the box' with a pretty basic setting (no tweaking). Anyway, each to their own Just stated my personal, quite recent experience with WHDLoad (registered).
Your likely right, as I said in the other thread my WHDLoad is not registered, and not current and neither are the installs. I bought it from an ebay seller fully loaded and ready to go for a plug and play solution.

However, keeping up with all the latest installs, updating the WHDLoad, and actually installing them etc, is not so plug and play and I have not got my head around the winuae environment and all that entails. Registering the WHDLoad is not an issue, but getting the back end software done is.

HxC for me alleviates this by dropping down to dealing direct with disk images which is far easier. I'm already used to that with my C64 and uIEC so very similar workings.
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