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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
OFC NOT. 1200's KS has AGA graphics.library that wouldn't work on your ECS Amiga.
Why don't you try this command:
C:ACATune -maprom devs:kickstarts/kick40063.A600 -cache on -burst on >NIL:
I'm not familiar with the usage of -maxmem option

Edit: Ok I know read the manual and saw that in order to get more than 5MB you need to add this option as well.
Just add it to the command I guess and will be ok

Now if accelerator is ultra stable as it should despite the hotness of the 020 CPU, only Jens can tell
I just adviced after you telling that once you lifted the keyboard, the memory errors decreased
As far as I can see, cache is on as default and burst is not supported on the ACA620. But even without using acatune, it still fails the memory test.

I remember Jens writing somewhere that the EC020 should run relatively cool, thus not needing a heat sink. I might try putting a fan on it to see if it will remove the memory errors completely.

I do have another suspicion now though, my PSU. Using the floppy drive caused it to crash, so I took a look at my PSU and the +5V is actually at 4.75V even with easy loads. This was never a problem when the A600 was running stock speeds, but maybe the margin is too low now? The PSU is an old PC AT so it has plenty of power, but the regulation seems to be a bit off.
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