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Hi all.

I've had an Amiga 1200 for a while now with WHDLoad drive but am now looking to get back in to buying original games again. WHDLoad is fine, but not all games are there, and looking up at my shelves and seeing some of the best games of all time is great.

I was lucky to pickup a free A500 with a bunch of great condition boxed classics like Speedball 2, Shadow of the beast 1 and 2, Magic Pokets, X-out and more.

Seeing these boxed games got me back in to the mood for buying originals lol.

I also just ordered a SD floppy emulator from Lotharek's Lair and hoping I can use that to play the games rather than my original disks. And I find WHDLoad great, but many of the games have technical issues.

Well thats me, 36 year old retro gamer from Australia.
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