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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Here ya go (but this isn't configured with Maprom yet!)
Have you tried it any further?

I just received my ACA620 today and have spent some hours trying to get it to work, however I am having trouble getting it to run stable.
Needless to say, WB was majorly faster than on a standard A600.

However, I had random errors and crashes, so I did some memory tests and it did found random errors. Some of it might have been caused by the board temperature as the error numbers seemed to lower after I lifted the KB away to let it breathe.

I also couldn't get the maprom feature to work properly with a 40.063 KS I have on my HDD. First of all, avail shows 9MB (4+4+1) of fast memory even after a cold boot before running -maxmem, when it should show 5MB.
When I ran acatune -maxmem after rebooting the 40.063 KS in maprom, I lost all chipmem as avail then showed 0MB chip and 11MB Fast. Could this be some incompatibility with the 40.063 KS? Could someone with a 40.063 hardware ROM confirm this?
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