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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
The "stripes" problem is caused by DVI lines not properly terminated by cheap DVI-I->VGA adapters. This will be eliminated if you disable the DVI signals in the config tool. You can also eliminate this by properly terminating the four differential pairs.
So some screens are more picky then others, and show these lines, while others doesn't? With the same DVI-I->VGA adapter. Is there any way to tell if one is terminated the right way, or could one be fixed? (Note to self, dig out the box of different DVI-I->VGA adapters and try em all on the screen that has vertical lines.) I'm sort of doubtful my TV will accept the signal with a change of adapter, but if i can get rig of the lines, i'll earmark that DVI-I->VGA adapter for the Amiga.
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