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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Will it work before loading monitor drivers? Can it show a bootpic? AmigaSys, etc.
Sure, the config is stored in flash and it's automatically loaded from flash whenever a screenmode changes - no drivers necessary. You can create your perfect setting for the workbench (for example in HighGFX), another setting for PAL and yet another setting for NTSC, which the flickerfixer will automatically load if you run a game - even if it's from floppy.

A bootpic is not planned. The flash is currently planned for up to eight cores and config data, and if we plan a bootpic, it would limit the amount of different pixelclock rates in a full config. I don't want to introduce such a limitation just for a picture that is shown for a few seconds.

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
am i right in thinking it wont get rid of the vertical lines or black screen problems.
"black screen problem" is an "unsupported mode" problem, and this should be eliminated by this software with the right settings. The "stripes" problem is caused by DVI lines not properly terminated by cheap DVI-I->VGA adapters. This will be eliminated if you disable the DVI signals in the config tool. You can also eliminate this by properly terminating the four differential pairs.

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