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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
I feel these threads should all be merged... :/
I think Im not going to make many more duels.. for the moment they have been interesting, imho. Though soon they will be too dumb to still being interesing.

both previous duels received enough votes, thats why I decided to continue.. and still receiving a decent amount of votes.
Also, as already have been commented, I dont know how to merge polls.. but old duels soon will lose in the deep of forum and will not annoys..

Thats my opinion. Of course, moderators opinion will be important.
btw, sorry if my english itsnt very good,.. just Im at work and my mind cant do it much better =)

Originally Posted by seuden View Post
Make a poll.
Should JudasEZT's polls be merged?

I like 'em.

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