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As a computer tecnician and in some odd way developer (of many things) i guess that there shouldn't be no one more frustrated than people who are trying to get the tool out.

Come on guys, everybody knew that it wasn't going to be perfect at first, and, ok, you can say that we didn't knew that we were going to wait so long for the tool, but, come on, let's try to be a little constructive, i don't believe, and allow me to say that, i think, no one believes that Jens and the staff at individual computers were going to release indi if they knew that there was going to be so much complain about it. If they knew, probably, we would be bitching about when indi was coming out.
Come on, how many of us are using the amiga for work???? It's not some life or death thing.

Let's try to be "even" more patient about it and let's see what we can do to help out. I don't think we're helping by complaining so much.

If you're not patient just return the damn thing.
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