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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
I actually have a bit of an interest in games with with limited packages. That said though I despise Visual Basic. Always have, and probably always will. We used to use it at uni about 10 years ago and Im glad to say that its finally dying a well deserved death and universities have removed it from their curriculum.
Ive never been an MS basher, but I abhore VB.
I never used VB for any serious work, but some time ago, at the '90 decade, I was very curious about Delphi and it, and I was crazy trying to acquire a pirate copy of them. Unfortunately I didnt could get. Unfortunately, because when VB launched it was a golden age for PC software and Windows, at least this is how I see that time. That is, many new programmers learned VB and started to create Windows software, among freewares, sharewares and why not say, commercial ones.

I am not saying that anyone could get rich with that badly written software, but instead, it was a very fun time for learning. For the first time, a kind of community was beginning to grow in the PC system, similar to what happens to the Amiga, created near entirely with RAD tools like VB and Delphi, but mainly VB... Unfortunately this dont grew any further, and the sense of community has lost. Windows never had for example, public domain software like on the Amiga...

Originally Posted by robinsonb5 View Post
I've no idea if it was made in Visual Basic or not - but I did see a game on Windows 3.1 once that intrigued me - it was kind of derivative of both Lemmings and Pushover - there was this little slinky-like worm that wandered around the level and you had to drop icons in its path to make it perform certain actions.

Can anyone tell me what that game might have been?
I had a magazine with a review of it, but I lost it a long time ago. It was called "Creepy" or something like that. Unfortunately I dont found any picture of it to show for you.

I know it was a good game at that time, but didnt had success within its PC users. If I know well, even Lemmings didnt did success there.

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