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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
I find myself more and more irritated by the comments on this thread.

Really guys, if you have an issue, contact your reseller or Jens but stop bitching like 5 year old girls. If you don't like Jens' products or support or whatever, don't buy them. Of course its not like anyone else is developing new products is it? Keep up the bitching and you'll have an even wider choice of suppliers!!!

Or, develop your own products like Kipper2k...
I agree with this. My initial concern was that we had not heard why there had been a delay on the AGA MkII software. This has now been explained after others and myself had posted, which is a good thing for all of us. Also, I have come back to the Amiga world after many many (too long!) years, albeit on a very occasional basis, and until now, had not been aware of Jens' company/products/customer support etc. So, my initial concern as a new purchaser stemmed from this not knowing predicament. However, my worries have been eased considerably by Jens statements on this forum. Of course, when I ordered the AGA from Vesalia, realised that a company producing new kit for very old computers was quite a find, and therefore, had to be patient, but feedback is a good thing. By feedback, I don't mean every gory detail, just occasional progress snippets.

I think the AGA MkII will be very good when I can properly use it, and believe that the forthcomming software config tool will be worth the wait. I also have the ACA1231/42 accelerator and think that is an excellent product.

How I wish I could have had the A1200 setup I have now back then....
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