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Hey guys, remember the Catweasel? You know, the floppy controller that was supposed to get 64-bit drivers sometime last decade?

Whatever happened to that?

I mean, I'm not even mad about it anymore. I bought it five or so years ago, and I still use it, even though I basically had to build an entire PC around it to get it working. It's just that support for so much more was promised besides PC/C64 floppy support, like Mac/Apple ][ disks and Atari single-density disks, and none of that ever materialized. It was just sort of forgotten after the five people that bought the thing got tired of waiting and just went back to managing their floppies the way they used to.

It doesn't matter anymore because modern motherboards don't really have PCI slots anymore, and because the Kryoflux has pretty much replaced the Catweasel at the moment (though sadly the people behind it don't think generic write support is a priority but that's my problem not theirs), so nobody is really holding whoever was responsible for writing the drivers for that to their commitments anymore.

Point is, the Invidision Mk. II is going to have a long way to go before it becomes a real boondoggle. I bought a Mk. I even though I'd sunk more money than I would have liked to think about into a previous Icomp product, and after a few minor snags it really did work as advertised.

I don't think Jens is keen on repeating the disaster that was the Catweasel. I don't think the Mk. II is going to wind up being as bad, if only because there's a lot more customers on the line. All we wanted was more Mk. Is, and instead of more Mk. Is we're getting what will hopefully, someday, be an even better product.

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