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Timing is pretty good from my perspective here actually
I just tonight started a new game project that Im pretty eager to get stuck right into.

Sorry to yourself and predseda for abandoning the last game after your work. As it progressed the potential I thought Id seen it appeared to probably not really be there. I've still got copies of my sourcecode so maybe one day I'll finish it just for the sake of it, but Im not as enthusiastic about it as I was at 1st.

Anyway, if you're interested the current game is an overhead tile based rpg. It's very early though, and Im not even sure of the timeframe/era I want it to be set it, but perhaps fight scene music might be something that could be worked on without knowing a lot of those sorts of details? Something with lots of cheesey dramatic sounding parts

Anyway, I'd be glad to have the help if you're interested.
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