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Originally Posted by fishyfish View Post
Yep, I agree.
Its like they added extra color just because they could, without trying to actually improve graphics quality.
Maybe trying to squeeze a few extra sales by releasing an "AGA version" and needed to have it look a little different to justify calling them AGA games.
nope you are wrong...they do not added extra colors
the original game is AGA and original graphics were done in 256 colors....they degraded the graphics to 32 colors to make the ECS version

Originally Posted by Deaths_Head View Post
Was it just me, but did anyone else find the upgraded colour palette on the AGA systems ugly compared to the original ECS versions.
The AGA palette of chaos engine is not ugly it have more colors and is vivid /strong the AGA palette is the original my previous reply to fishyfish
The original Amiga chipset is not capable of those vivid and strong colors but AGA yes

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