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Demo available

Hi All

Thought I'd stick a demo up of the game, hopefuly you'll find it fun and give a good taster of what the final game might be like. IT lacks a lot of features scheduled for the full game such as powerups, some enemy types, other hazards and mechanics. Plus some fine tuning needed (masking on the enemies for example, presentation screens etc).

So it's a very cut down, basic game but I hope you enjoy.

Grab it from:

I've been able to test it on my 4000 and 1200, both appears to play it fine. Emulated A500 via winuae seems to work too, but it is slightly less smooth and I find it bugs out more often on 68000 than other cpus, but that should be reoslved eventually as my coding and understanding improves

Basic instructions are to use the joystick to move left, right up and down. You can only go up and down on the teleporter pads and if you go to the edge of the screen you wrap around but going off left moves you upand right moves you down a platform. Avoid the enemies and grab all the little random space invaders to progress to the next level. Exit the game from the title screen with left mouse button. You have 4 lives (though there is no indication of this in-game yet).
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