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Well, you all avoided me as no one spoke to me

Anyway, I'm now sat at home Why?

Well, the AV company that was 'supposed' to set up screens/projectors/speakers for all the talks that were planned only setup one screen, in the area, which was only 12 feet instead of 12 meters and then pissed off so didn't setup the rest of the talk areas so this meant all the talks were cancelled Spoke to one of staff on the info desk and that's what I was told, and getting someone at such short notice to do Sunday wasn't likely.

So, having sat in the EGL stage area 'thinking' this was where the talks were being held we now know why nothing was happening there. So my mate and me finished of our tour of the event and came home, losing money on the hotel we booked! There was no point stopping as we'd seen everything and wanted to spend Sunday listening to the talks, which were now not likely to happen. The fact the doors opened about 11:40am instead of 11:00am had my spider senses tingling, something had gone off, and those spider senses aren't usually wrong and they wasn't!!

Apart from that, the event itself was great! Plenty of arcade machines and pinball tables to play on, and I didn't break one this time!! Lot's of consoles, handhelds, PC's, Amigas, ST's, PSX, PS2 etc... Plenty of 'Cosplayers' dressed up in funky gear, and quite a few lady cosplayers with ample bosoms straining their costumes I liked those, glad I tooks a camera Had a nice chat with Mr Amigakit, now I know why the EZ Z4's aren't shipping Bought a lovely Cream Tea for me and my mate in British Home Stores, so nice in fact we had another before we left

So now I'm at home, watching the Darts, and filing Play Expo 2012 under 'Shit Happens'. Hope you all enjoyed your time at the event, for me it was a bit of a disappointment but not a disaster, hopefully the next event won't suffer the same problem!!

Goodnight children!!
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