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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
roy bates, Leffman, others,

Although I am the developer, the one who made the thing and who is ultimately responsible for providing a working product, I have given significant margin to the resellers in order to handle retail things. You're not my direct customer, which is also why you don't get direct support. You choose your reseller based on whatever you like - maybe on the way they handle returns.

All I can influence is the way I'm dealing with my resellers. They have the clear signal that any *complete* unit that arrives here will be refunded. This is because I'm sure that I'll get those units to work, and all of them will be compatible with the config tool and the new cores that we'll start working on on monday. Once again: The config tool is in a state where you can make lots of adjustments, but the core can't deal with all these numbers yet. Now that Chameleon Beta-8 has been released (and those customers have also been waiting for quite some time!), resources are free to turn to Indivision AGA MK2.

In any case, I'll do my best to make everyone a satisfied customer. However, I'm not "threatening" anyone. I would really like to know who is claiming to having made a survey that results in a percentage of DOA units of my products. An apology like "I pulled that number out of..." would of course also do.

Hints at another product that any customer did not get to work may seem off-topic here, but I'm not afraid of answering them. I guess Leffman has been talking about the ACA1231, which had to be returned for a logic update and installation of a cooler. I already mentioned the following on If anyone has an unstable setup with an ACA1231, send it for service, but don't go badmouthing my products. I am willing and capable of getting the accelerator to a stability level where you won't be able to crash it with software that works on another comparable system (that is: CPU/MMU/Ram configuration). As with the Flickerfixers, any returns are handled through your reseller.

I'm human, I make mistakes. However, I have a track record of cleaning up my mess. There is no reason to question if this is going to happen for current products.

The current badmouthing and complaints seem like attempts of becoming the one who "pushed hard enough", and "finally something happened". Guys, this is not working: I have already told everyone here that it's on the agenda for monday. It's saturday. You won't change the agenda. You only piss me off.


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