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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Originally Posted by prowler View Post
That is for Jens to judge. The only posts I removed yesterday were either repeating what had already been alleged or were disrespectful to EAB moderation policy.
No offense, but this has to be wrong. It's up to the mods to judge, Jens can (and should) have an opinion, and report offensive posts, but the forum isn't Jens personal playground. (No offense meant to Jens, or EAB) There has to be a clear line, where the forum mods tend to the forum, and Jens tends to his brand.
Of-course, seeing as his brand is of high interest to us, we are all willing to do a little extra effort, but it cant be to the point where anything Jens says, goes. (And quite honestly, we all know it's not like that. I'm just commenting on what your statement seams to say, rather then current policy's Prowler.)
It is up to Jens to decide whether that post is offensive to the point that it should be removed or not. Many would agree with the sentiments expressed in Leffmann's post and it has been allowed to stand both with that in mind and in the interests of healthy debate.

I do not embody EAB's current moderation policy; I merely execute it on behalf of RCK, the EAB administrator by whom I was appointed.
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