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Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
You have your pockets full of people's money, and all they have is effectively a piece of electronics junk.
He's got my money. Does he have any of yours? Anyway, junk, signifies not working, and the fact is, they do work. Anyone not able to get it working, at all, will most likely have trouble using the software to configure it as well, and should either make sure they got a means to get visuals, or return their product.

Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
You raise your prices to make people refrain from returning said junk after they realize it may never work properly.
I would think a buyer, such as me, would be rather upset if i return my hardware thanks to the return policy he has. 3 months later the software comes out, and he sells me my own product back to me, for a higher price. I'd be pissed of like none other. Telling us before hand that prices will / may go up to cover increased costs is the least he can do when expanding the return policy.

Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Some of your hardware has flaws that require motherboards to be modified.
I think you got this backwards. Following the schematics for the Amiga, some Amigas have erroneous components, either wrong stuff in place, stuff in place where there should be no stuff, or no stuff where there should be stuff. Jens built hardware that works with the spec, if the hardware it ends up in conjunction with is out of spec, all he can do is help get it sorted. As far as i can tell, he did.

Originally Posted by Leffmann View Post
Some have been reported to be unstable and prone to overheating.
Some have reported that Jens provided the hardware to fix this issue, at no extra cost. Others fixed it them-self, and never made a support claim with Jens. What do you want, everyone, regardless of if they have issues, should get a fix, for all possible issues?

Originally Posted by prowler View Post
That is for Jens to judge. The only posts I removed yesterday were either repeating what had already been alleged or were disrespectful to EAB moderation policy.
No offense, but this has to be wrong. It's up to the mods to judge, Jens can (and should) have an opinion, and report offensive posts, but the forum isn't Jens personal playground. (No offense meant to Jens, or EAB) There has to be a clear line, where the forum mods tend to the forum, and Jens tends to his brand.
Of-course, seeing as his brand is of high interest to us, we are all willing to do a little extra effort, but it cant be to the point where anything Jens says, goes. (And quite honestly, we all know it's not like that. I'm just commenting on what your statement seams to say, rather then current policy's Prowler.)

People have issues with Jens products, and their reliability. 3 out of a unheard total number is not a high return rate, and on top of that, the returns weren't even DOA's, but mostly user error.

Originally Posted by roy bates View Post
can anyone return there indi on the grounds the product is incomplete?
Jens has said "yes", the buyer has to open a claim with the reseller. I'm guessing he's paying the restocking fee, not sure who gets to pay return shipping.

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