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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I have now started efforts of finding out the street address of diablothe2nd to give him the chance to mention the source of his "information". After all, this is good enough to harm my business. I cannot tolerate anyone running around and spreading rumors about the quality of the products I provide.
You have your pockets full of people's money, and all they have is effectively a piece of electronics junk. You raise your prices to make people refrain from returning said junk after they realize it may never work properly. Some of your hardware has flaws that require motherboards to be modified. Some have been reported to be unstable and prone to overheating.

One disgruntled customer asks for answers but gets none and is eventually moderated to bits after which you conveniently appear to ask an already excessively moderated thread to be further moderated in your favor while avoiding to answer any of the pressing questions, and then throw around threats about finding out where people live, but you can't tolerate that he questions the quality of your products and services? Wow.
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