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PT-1210 MK1 Amiga DJing software

Our good friend h0ffman and I have been working for a while on this tool that turns an Amiga into a MOD turntable, after discussions about such functionality happened here at the EAB. Finally there's something to show you so here's some info

The software lets you pitch bend a MOD like if it was a turntable, allowing for tempo changes and beatmatching between two Amiga computers, much like the STJ software by gwEm works for the Atari ST with SNDH files (although that one only does tempo bending, not pitch+tempo). It also has other useful tools for live performance and it runs on the smallest of Amigas. As long as you have memory to load the MOD, it should work! The linking of tempo to pitch makes it so even MODs that rely on looped samples to sound properly, like usually are drum&bass MODs, work perfectly with looping that doesn't go out of sync at all. Also the pitchbend range is quite wild, exceeding the +/- 8% that normal vinyl turntables have, letting you mix between a varied number of genres in one set. The functionality at this point resembles more like that of a Pioneer CDJ 1000 turntable than a Technics 1200 vinyl turntable, which is great.

You can see me demoing the tool in the following video:
[ Show youtube player ]

I am working on the tool's user interface and release will be made whenever the whole thing is finished.

I strongly believe this is a game-changing tool for those of us who make music with the Amiga and perform live! And might allow some people who never performed with Amigas live to decide to jump into the bandwagon

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