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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I kindly request to delete the claim of 20% DOA rate. The total amount of returns is three so far. Two of them were people who have made a short with the ground cable. Short removed->unit back to working.

One unit has been exchanged due to a mechanical defect on the socket. I haven't been able to prove that it was a customer fault, so the exchange was free. We agreed on sharing the shipping cost.

With this number, which I am proud to share with you, you'd imply that only a total of 15 units has been sold. This is obviously wrong - plain badmouthing, just a few days before we are back on development of Indivision AGA MK2 (core and config tool).
Jens, I can confirm that, as requested, the disputed claim has been eradicated from the thread, along with the ensuing 'discussion'. The claim was not substantiated, so let us hope that no harm has been done.

And thankyou for quoting those figures in support of your rebuttal.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
I have now started efforts of finding out the street address of diablothe2nd to give him the chance to mention the source of his "information". After all, this is good enough to harm my business. I cannot tolerate anyone running around and spreading rumors about the quality of the products I provide.

Diablothe2nd has been permanently banned from these forums. Please keep to yourselves the details of any follow-up action you may take.
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