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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Delivery of the ACA620 has started. Those of you who want to start coding can take a peek here.

AmigaKit should have the goods in time for the show in Manchester. Vesalia should have the goods tomorrow, but it will take a few days until the website will say "available". GGS-Data should have the parcel before the end of the week, same goes for Alinea.

Relec will provide us with a French manual (as always). Give us a few days here.


I get that overclocking voids warranty but for those people who want to (your price is fair so if I kill one I can buy another!), can you provide info.. eg how to change divider to put 020 at 25mhz? Am I right that the heatsink would need to fit on the top of the card, so what size hole is there for the heatsink to fit on?
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