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I prefer Amiga Golden Axe over Megadrive.

- It sounds better much better ( 80% of megadrives games sounds like a angry cat )

- looks better ( plain bad palette, repetitive and ugly colouring on sprites, bad drawing and bad colouring in backgrounds )

- moves better ( Megadrive moves fast but doesnt move smooth, Amiga does )

- plays better, although I admit is a bit easy on Amiga, though Megadrive has the typical console game modes to choose ( modes which I usually avoid like pest ).

Respect DD2, well I simply tend to consider it the only Amiga Double Dragon. I ignore first one and third too,. third more because of the lame original coin-op,.. good conversion though.

Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
Sorry, what? Pretty close arcade port? Maybe the graphics, but cleary not the rest of the game. And the Amiga version isn't full screen. Not nearly.

The controls/playability is far better in the Mega Drive version. Guess we have a Amiga biased opinion here.
One button control method was the standard in that era,.. dont blame Golden Axe for that.

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