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Well, 'lame' =) I reminds you that Amiga has in its soft library games like: TeenangeMutantNinjaTurtles, Alien Storm, Battletoads or even the first Double Dragon.

If its not enough check the spanish contribution to the genre: Corsarios, and taste the quality of spanish industry.

Those then are ultralame =D

Making retrospective, Amiga has suffered of many insults in this great genre of gaming.
And the real pity is that these two greats examples which are in the poll, which are games of great quality, always were tagged by magazines and specialized press of being "just another boring horizontal beat'm up".

They didnt took in mind that those titles were great franchises and in later years for MD and SNES there were going to be dozens and dozens of new beat'em ups... curiously, specialized press didnt tagged practically none of them of "just another boring horizontal beat'm up"... because the succes of the genre were more than proved.
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