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Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
Apologies if any of that did waste some of your time , but I'm glad you did get some archiving techniques out of it.
There's no need to apologize. I never waste my time studying binary code in connection with archives or disk images. I always learn something to add to my notebook...

Originally Posted by MadAngus View Post
Out of curiosity do you know of a good LHA archiver for windows (archiving and extraction). Just for those instances when I don't want to use the Amiga archivers.
I don't know of any archiver for Windows designed for both archiving to and extraction from that format but, if there were one, any archives created with it would be found to be broken when imported to an Amiga environment for two reasons:
  1. The Windows filesystem has no provision for storing all Amiga file attributes, and
  2. Amiga can use some characters for filenames which are illegal when used in Windows.
Therefore, you should stick with Amiga versions of LHA to create archives for both Amiga and Linux platforms.

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