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Originally Posted by prowler View Post
Okay, is now in The Zone, with content identical to the rar archive I uploaded yesterday.

Conversion to 7-zip is proving troublesome as well. The r10d-update/WinUAE/Harddrives/Workbench/Classes/Images directory timestamp is changed on conversion, and it looks impossible to fix it manually, so I'm not going to persist with it.
Following a brainwave this afternoon, I have discovered how to reverse changes that zip to 7-zip conversion makes to time and date stamps!

The bad news is that all time and date stamps in this archive have been changed in the same way and so have all those in the AIAB-r10d.7z full version archive I uploaded last week. Therefore I have removed it from The Zone.

@MadAngus: Since you've said that zip will be the preferred AIAB archive format for Windows, then I'll just concentrate on providing those from now on and save the new archive conversion knowledge I have gained for other projects.
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