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The download page re-structure is aimed at helping new users, easily identify which package to download, and as zip files are pretty much common currency on windows, that's why they where chosen.

That said, I'll need to convert '' and '' to LHA for the Amiga section at the top of the downloads page, seeing as LHA is the default for Amiga.

I only removed the rars because there were already zip files available.

I honestly don't see the point in FOL hosting 5 packages of the same content with different compression systems (lha, rar, zip, 7z, tar.gz). LHA and ZIP, fair enough, but otherwise it's a waste of web space, not to mention very confusing for new users.

And thank you for more lovely files.

Voyager 3.

When you say key, did the internet pack come with a key file or did you acquire one elsewhere.

I won't be looking at the application addon packs until later next year.

In fact it might be better to concentrate any development of application addon packs on Bloodwych's ClassicWB and do some kind of modification, if needed to get them working on AIAB. It would be better to have once source of application pack than several different interpretations. Would need some thought though.

[Edit] The Download page archives have been updated with the new files

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