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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
I would want to add to this statement. The way it "should" read is :
Look! I'm dressed in a clown suit at a meeting of goths. There is someone sniping goth's but i should be fairly safe.
Actually, I don't think either of those fit "obscurity" at all...
A clown at a Goth convention is likely to cause as much notice as Robert Smith walking in...
Well, not quite that much, but the clown would be significantly NOT obscure because of his high profile and difference from the crowd.

Being obscure is being basically invisible..

Look at it this way..
Say you work in the Post Office (I know, it's an old and unfair stereotype, too bad) and a coworker comes in shooting..
Would you rather look like an ideal target, but be wearing body armor???
(Hope you upgraded your body armor recently...)

Or, would you rather find a really great hiding place so there's a good chance he'd never notice you??

Now, ideally, I'd like to wear the body armor IN that great hiding place... ;-)

But, the fact is, security thru obscurity IS perfectly valid and works pretty well.
Of course, multi-layered security is always better....

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